What’s the Recovery Process After Cataract Surgery?

If you’ve been scheduled for cataract surgery in Brookhaven, GA, you’ll want to know as much about the process as possible, including what to expect with the recovery process.

What to Know About Cataract Surgery
Cataract surgery is a common procedure that’s been safely done on millions of people worldwide. While the recovery process is basically straightforward, it’s always helpful to carefully follow your eye doctor’s instructions so that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible, with expected results.

Recovery Process After Cataract Surgery
Immediately following your cataract surgery, the anesthesia will begin to wear off. The staff will carefully monitor you to ensure there are no complications. Most patients return home within a few hours, but you should have a friend or loved one pick you up and drive you home.

You’ll be provided with a pair of dark sunglasses to protect your eyes, and you should wear them as long as your eye doctor tells you to, which may be several days, even indoors. You may experience some mild discomfort or a sensation of itchiness or grittiness in the eyes. Don’t be alarmed if your vision is blurry or distorted. This is normal during the adjustment period.

Helping With Recovery
During your recovery period:

Try to abstain from drinking and smoking, as these will delay the body’s healing process.
Avoid heavy exercise, water sports, lifting, and bending over.
Use prescribed eye drops as instructed.
Attend all follow-up appointments.
You may expect your normal vision to return within a few days or weeks after cataract surgery.

Talk to your eye doctor in Brookhaven, GA, for more information about what you can expect from cataract surgery. The more informed you are, the more comfortable you’ll be, and the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy clear vision again!

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