We Support You Before and After LASIK Surgery

People sometimes grow tired of wearing prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses and opt to have LASIK surgery to restore crisp, sharp vision. The decision to pursue LASIK surgery is a big one that includes both pre and post-op laser examinations in Brookhaven, GA. These examinations are necessary to ensure that you have a successful procedure.

Pre-Op Examination for LASIK Surgery
The purpose of a pre-op exam is to make sure that you are a good candidate for the popular outpatient eye surgery. Dr. Doug Anania or Dr. Jessica Reynolds evaluates the overall health of your eyes before making a recommendation. If you have any pre-existing eye issues, you may need treatment before starting with LASIK surgery. Patients wearing contact lenses must stop wearing them for two weeks before their surgical appointment.

Post-Op Examination for LASIK Surgery
The post-op appointment with Dr. Anania or Dr. Reynolds typically occurs within one week of LASIK eye surgery. You should expect to have minor side effects after your surgery, such as a stinging sensation in your eyes or blurry vision. Light sensitivity is also common. Dr. Anania or Dr. Reynolds will provide you with a prescription-strength pain reliever to get you through those first few days. We recommend that you request the two or three days immediately following your surgery off from work.

On rare occasions, patients develop swelling around their eyes and the discomfort from the procedure stretches beyond the first few days. Please contact Brookleigh Family Eyecare right away if this occurs. You do not want to risk these side effects becoming more severe.

Do you have additional questions about pre and post-op laser examinations in Brookhaven, GA? We would be happy to answer them or help you schedule the pre-op session.

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