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Having Laser Eye Surgery? Here’s What to Expect with Your Pre-Op and Post-Op Exams  

LASIK surgery is a popular outpatient procedure that corrects vision to the point where you should no longer need to wear glasses or contacts. Although we don’t do LASIK surgery at Brookleigh Family Eyecare, we offer supportive services to patients and eye surgeons with preoperative and postoperative exams. As you prepare for your procedure, it’s […]

Why You Need Contact Lenses if You Wear Glasses

Many people who wear glasses often wonder what life would be like if they had contact lenses with their prescription. There are many benefits that contact lenses can offer, as glasses are extremely situational for things such as work and watching TV. Brookleigh Family Eyecare of Brookhaven, GA, can help you renew, review and replace […]

Can You Wear Contacts After Cataract Surgery?  

If you have had cataract surgery in Brookhaven, GA, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to return to wearing contact lenses afterward. While cataract surgery can get rid of cataracts, the treatment does not correct vision problems. If you wore corrective eyewear before the cataract surgery, you’ll almost certainly need some sort of […]

Can I Drive If I Have Cataracts?

Cataracts can impact everyday activities like reading, walking and even driving. One of the common questions that people ask when they first find out they have cataracts is to ask whether they can drive. This is a good question for your eye doctor in Brookhaven, GA. At Brookleigh Family Eyecare, we can help you determine […]

Am I At Risk for Glaucoma?

Are you at risk for glaucoma? You could be! Anyone can get glaucoma, but some people are at higher risk than others. Knowing who is at risk for glaucoma and how to protect yourself from this condition is important. Seeing the eye doctor in Brookhaven GA is most important of all, because your eye doctor can identify […]

Afraid of Losing Your New Glasses? Tips to Help

Did you just get new glasses from the eye doctor in Brookleigh, GA? If so, then you should have a plan to avoid losing them. Lost glasses can be an expensive and frustrating problem! Knowing what you can do to avoid losing your glasses can help you keep your glasses in your possession and on your […]