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Am I At Risk for Glaucoma?

Are you at risk for glaucoma? You could be! Anyone can get glaucoma, but some people are at higher risk than others. Knowing who is at risk for glaucoma and how to protect yourself from this condition is important. Seeing the eye doctor in Brookhaven GA is most important of all, because your eye doctor can identify […]

Afraid of Losing Your New Glasses? Tips to Help

Did you just get new glasses from the eye doctor in Brookleigh, GA? If so, then you should have a plan to avoid losing them. Lost glasses can be an expensive and frustrating problem! Knowing what you can do to avoid losing your glasses can help you keep your glasses in your possession and on your […]

Should I Be Worried About Glaucoma?

Your glaucoma risk increases as you age. While not everyone should spend their day worrying whether they have glaucoma, it is good to know who’s more at risk. If you’re over the age of 60, or if you’re of African-American descent and over the age of 40, you should have regular glaucoma screenings. Also, those […]

Post-Cataract Removal Surgery – Common FAQs

Cataracts can cloud your vision and lower your quality of life, but treatment is effective and a good option for most patients. Cataract surgery in Brookhaven, GA is common, highly successful, and relatively simple when it comes to recovery for the patient. Here are a few questions you may have about what post-cataract removal surgery will be […]

3 Tips to Maintain Your New Eyeglasses

Congratulations on your new eyeglasses! Your eyeglasses make an excellent addition to your personal appearance while also helping you see better. To ensure that your glasses continue to function, it’s important to take good care of them. If you’ve recently purchased new eyeglasses in Brookhaven, GA, these tips can help you take care of your glasses. […]