What Increases the Risk of Permanent Vision Loss with a Glaucoma Diagnosis?

Have you received a glaucoma diagnosis in the past or suspect you need glaucoma treatment in Brookhaven, GA? You are definitely not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly three million people in the country have some type of glaucoma. Unfortunately, the disease has no cure and is the second-leading blindness cause in the world. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to reduce your chances of permanent vision loss even with a glaucoma diagnosis.

Not Monitoring the Condition Closely

Glaucoma monitoring is the absolute most important thing you can do to lower your risks of permanent vision loss. Glaucoma causes heightened pressure in the eye, which affects the optic nerve. Keeping this pressure as low as possible is the key to managing glaucoma. Through routine exams, the eye doctor can evaluate eye pressure and offer medications that reduce eye pressure.

Not Making Recommended Lifestyle Changes

Glaucoma risk is related to several conditions, diseases, and habits. In the beginning, when you are initially diagnosed with glaucoma, the eye doctor may offer recommendations regarding what habits you can change to reduce your risks of vision loss. For instance, the doctor may tell you that keeping your blood sugar stable is important so avoiding high-glycemia foods can help. Or, they may recommend that you quit smoking. Not adhering to this educated advice could elevate your risk of experiencing permanent vision damage.

Negating Optometric Attention When Symptoms Worsen

With glaucoma, any sudden change in your vision or eyesight should be evaluated by an eye doctor. For example, if you experience halos when you look at lights, there is a sudden point of blurriness, or your peripheral vision suddenly gets worse, these symptoms should be evaluated. Oftentimes, these are signs that eye pressure has heightened, so immediate intervention could prevent damage to the optic nerve.

Work with a Brookhaven Optometrist for Glaucoma Treatment

Without question, if you have obtained a glaucoma diagnosis, working with a Brookhaven, GA optometrist is important. At Brookleigh Family Eyecare, we offer comprehensive monitoring and treatment for glaucoma and other common eye diseases. Reach out to schedule an appointment.



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