Should My New Eyeglasses Be Causing Blurry Vision?  

You went for an appointment to get new prescription lenses in Brookhaven, GA, but your new glasses cause your vision to be slightly blurry. Is this normal? What can you do? Find out why your vision may seem blurry when you first start wearing a new pair of prescription glasses.

Is blurry vision normal with new glasses?

In most cases, yes. You may experience a slight bit of blurriness with new prescription lenses. While the lenses are meant to correct your vision, it can take a little time for your eyes to adjust to the change. Before the prescription lenses, your eyes work differently in an attempt to correct your vision. When the glasses are added to the situation, the eyes have to almost relearn what to do.

How can you make the problem go away?

The simplest way to overcome blurriness with a new pair of glasses is to simply wear them. You may be tempted to take off the glasses. However, the longer you wear them, the faster your eyes will adjust to the change.

Should you revisit the eye doctor?

If the change in your vision does not improve within a few days, it may be a good idea to reach out to your eye doctor for advice. In some cases, there may need to be adjustments made to your prescription lenses. Or, the blurriness could stem from a previously undetected vision health issue.

Contact Your Brookhaven Eye Doctor About Ongoing Issues

A well-suited pair of prescription lenses should eventually help you see better. While some people see improvements immediately, others may require a brief adjustment period. If you have concerns about your new glasses, reach out to schedule an appointment with our Brookhaven eye doctor at Brookleigh Family Eyecare.


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