How to Prevent Recurring Cataracts  

Cataracts can be treated by your optometrist in Brookhaven, GA. Once the procedure is complete, you can enjoy clear vision again. But it’s important to know that cataracts aren’t necessarily a one-time occurrence. Cataracts can and do develop again, particularly if the underlying cause for the original occurrence is not addressed.

How to Prevent Recurring Cataracts

There are some things that you can do to reduce the chances of having cataracts return. They include:

Rely on a Quality Optometrist

The first step is to make sure your original cataracts are treated by a skilled and experienced optometrist. Poor quality eye surgery is actually a risk factor for developing cataracts.

Improve Lifestyle

While many people believe that age is the biggest reason why cataracts develop, lifestyle does play a part. You can improve your odds of avoiding a recurrence by:

  • eat wholesome meals that include lots of nutrient-rich ingredients
  • quit smoking/vaping/chewing tobacco
  • include some form of exercise in your daily routine
  • reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol
  • reduce exposure to blue light from screens
  • get care for health conditions such as diabetes, etc.
  • wear UV-ray blocking sunglasses when outdoors, even on cloudy days.

Have Regular Eye Exams

The early stages of cataract development aren’t always obvious to the person. With regular eye exams, your optometrist has a greater chance of early detection of eye problems, including cataracts. For older persons prone to developing cataracts, six month eye exams may be recommended. Consult with your eye doctor for a precise recommendation of a schedule of eye exams that pertains to your unique circumstances.

If you are worried about developing cataracts in Brookhaven, GA, you should contact your optometrist to learn more about this treatable condition. Once you have cataracts, the odds are greater that they may happen again. However, by making certain changes, you may actually be able to prevent cataracts from developing again. Get in touch today to book an appointment.


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