How Can You Lower Risks of Glaucoma if You Are At Risk?

Some people are more at risk of developing glaucoma than others. However, even if you are at risk because you are African American, male, or have a family history, there may be things to do to lower your risks of needing glaucoma treatment in Brookhaven, GA later. Check out these tips to help you reduce the risks of developing glaucoma even if you do happen to have a higher risk.

Don’t smoke

People who are exposed to cigarette smoke may be as much as 70 percent more at risk of developing glaucoma, according to some studies. Therefore, if you are already at risk because of your ethnicity, gender, or family history, it is imperative that you don’t smoke and you do what you can to stay away from people who do.

Maintain a healthy body weight

People who are overweight may be more prone to glaucoma, even though the link between obesity and glaucoma is not well understood. Do what you can to maintain a healthy body weight to keep your risks as low as possible, and make sure you try to get in ample levels of exercise.

Eat a nutrient-rich diet

Certain nutrients found in food are extremely important for your visual health, especially if you feel you are at risk for glaucoma. For example, fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin A and vitamin C are known to lower the risks of developing glaucoma. Calcium, zinc, magnesium, and B-complex vitamins are also important to make sure you include in your regular diet.

Get Your Eyes Screened for Glaucoma Regularly with a Brookhaven, GA Eye Doctor

Another important step to take if you know you have a heightened risk for glaucoma is to make sure you have your vision and eye health assessed regularly by a Brookhaven eye doctor. The earlier glaucoma is diagnosed, the more manageable it may be. Reach out to us at Brookleigh Family Eyecare to schedule an appointment for your annual eye exam.

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