Eyelid Chalazion Removal Surgery: Patient FAQs

Chalazion are painless bumps on the eyelid that may result from a stye or some type of eyelid infection. While these formations oftentimes go away on their own with home treatment, the lums do occasionally have to be surgically removed. You may need chalazion removal surgery if the bump is continually growing, is pressing against your eye, or is interfering with your vision.

How long will the procedure take?

Chalazion removal surgery is a relatively quick procedure and is usually performed right in the eye doctor’s office. The eye doctor will numb the eyelid with a local anesthetic, and then make a tiny incision to excise the interior sac that has formed. Usually, the procedure only takes a few minutes as long as there are no issues.

Does chalazion removal surgery hurt?

As stated, you will be numbed before the procedure. Therefore, you should not feel any real pain during the removal process. Naturally, getting a shot in your eyelid to numb the area will cause some discomfort, as the eyelid can be a sensitive area of skin.

What does aftercare involve?

After your surgery, you will be given guidance from the eye doctor about caring for the small incision. You will likely be given a topical antibiotic ointment to apply to the area and should try to keep the area clean as it heals. You may have some slight bruising of the eyelid through the healing process and you may experience a bit of swelling. Cool compresses can help.

Talk to a Brookhaven Eye Doctor About Chalazion Removal

While a chalazion may not be an extremely concerning eye health issue, the problem should be examined by an eye doctor. Reach out to us at Brookleigh Family Eyecare in Brookhaven, Georgia if you have what you believe to be a chalazion on your eyelid.

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