How to Get Your Child to Wear Their Glasses

Children may be a bit fussy when it comes to getting them to wear glasses. However, if this is the only way to help improve their sight, parents and other caretakers should develop different techniques to encourage them to do so. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can come in handy, as described below.

Allow then To Pick the Frames

When you want your child to be comfortable wearing glasses, allow them to pick the ones they love. This way, they feel like they are part of the process and are likely to embrace the glasses even more. Let them choose the colors and style they like even if it’s not something that you would choose.

Give it Time

Kids can also get overwhelmed with the feeling of wearing glasses all day long. Exercise patience when dealing with them because it will certainly take some getting used to before they settle for the idea of wearing glasses. Let them wear the gasses for a few minutes, and every time they feel comfortable in them, increase the time up until they will be ready to have the glasses on all day long.

Support Their Efforts

Be the parent that cheers his or her kids on. Remind them how beneficial the glasses are for their personal goals such as getting better at a certain sport or mastering a school subject. Discuss their fears and challenges, but also hold them accountable. You need to talk to the teacher to ensure that your child has their glasses all day long. This may be hard at first, but it gets easier with time.

Use Role Models

You can do this by pointing out their favorite role models in glasses. Point out when cartoon characters like Arthur or sports figures or celebrities like Colin Firth turn up in public wearing glasses.

Kids need guidance, encouragement, and direction when it comes to wearing glasses. The more you can get them to wear their glasses, the better off they’ll be.


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