What to Expect from a Pre-Op Laser Exam

LASIK surgery can have a number of benefits for anyone who struggles with vision impairments. However, any kind of surgical procedure entails several steps, which can put people off from starting the process in the first place. If you have questions or concerns about the surgery, particularly if you’re nervous about the preparation, we’ll look at what happens during the pre-op exam.

Eligibility for LASIK

In general, LASIK in Brookhaven, GA, is a safe surgical procedure for a wide array of patients. That being said, not everyone will be able to have the surgery. The first step of a pre-op exam is for the doctor to evaluate the surface of the eye. If there are any pre-existing conditions, they’ll be able to tell you more about whether they can be corrected before the main surgery is scheduled. For around two weeks leading up to your evaluation, you won’t be able to wear contact lenses, and you’re encouraged to talk to your doctor about any eye conditions that you may have experienced before.

Prep Work Before Surgery

Prep work before the surgery is typically limited to medications, which may include antibiotic eye drops. Once you’ve been approved for the surgery, the routines are easy to follow. From there, all you’ll need to do is follow the doctor’s directions about avoiding any cosmetic creams on your face starting the day before the surgery is scheduled.

LASIK in Brookhaven, GA

If you’re interested in finding an eye surgeon in Brookhaven, GA, the staff at Brookleigh Family Eyecare can tell you more about what you can do to get the process started. All surgeries come with risks, and we can tell you more about how these risks apply to you based on your medical history and eye health during a pre-op exam.

Having Laser Eye Surgery? Here’s What to Expect with Your Pre-Op and Post-Op Exams  

LASIK surgery is a popular outpatient procedure that corrects vision to the point where you should no longer need to wear glasses or contacts. Although we don’t do LASIK surgery at Brookleigh Family Eyecare, we offer supportive services to patients and eye surgeons with preoperative and postoperative exams. As you prepare for your procedure, it’s important to know what you can expect at your pre-op and post-op eye exams in Brookhaven, GA.

Pre-Op Exam

Before you can have LASIK surgery, the surgeon needs to know if you’re a good candidate for it. An eye care professional from our optometry practice will perform a thorough eye examination to evaluate the area of the eye where LASIK surgery takes place.

The eye professional working with you will also determine if you have any pre-existing conditions that require attention before you schedule the LASIK procedure. You should not wear contact lenses or glasses during the exam. We also ask that you bring a list of all medications you currently take and the dosage of each, whether the medication is prescription or non-prescription.

You will receive prescription eye drops to reduce inflammation and artificial tears to keep your eyes moist if your optometrist determines you’re a good candidate for the LASIK procedure.

Post-Op Exam

We will see you about a week after your LASIK surgery, and then at the one-month and six-month marks. Your optometrist will ask about symptoms and test your vision to ensure that your eyes are healing as expected and that the surgery corrected your vision.

You shouldn’t feel alarmed if you experience slight itching, burning, watery eyes, or blurry vision, since these effects are normal and should disappear within a few days. Please contact Brookleigh Family Eye Care in Brookhaven, GA to schedule your pre-op today.