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3 Things to Know About Plastic Rim Glasses

Plastic-rim glasses are very popular right now! If you’ve never worn plastic-rim glasses before, it’s important to know how they differ from wire-rim glasses.

If you need glasses in Brookhaven, GA, it’s important to get your glasses from an eye care office you can trust. At Brookleigh Family Eye Care, we can help you find the right glasses for your needs. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Plastic Rim Glasses Come In Bright, Bold Colors

Compared to wire-rim glasses, plastic-rim glasses are available in a range of bright, bold colors. They also come in different thicknesses as well. This means that if you’re someone who enjoys a lot of colors in their wardrobe or on their face, plastic-rim glasses may be the right corrective lenses for you.

If you enjoy a more professional, subtler look, wire-rim glasses may be the right thing for you. Try on both options at the showroom next time you’re at the eye doctor looking for corrective lenses.

2. Plastic is Less Bendable

If you’ve ever worn wire-rim glasses before, you may have noticed that they bend fairly easily under pressure. If you accidentally sit on your glasses, they’re more likely to bend than break. Plastic rim glasses can be stronger but also more brittle. When placed under pressure, they may snap. To keep them protected, it’s important to keep your plastic rim glasses on your face or in a case.

3. You May Need a Short Period of Adjustment

Compared to wire glasses, plastic rim glasses can be more weighty. If you’re used to wearing lightweight wires, you may notice your plastic glasses pressing down on your face and ears a little more than you’re used to when you’re getting used to them. After this period of adjustment, you should enjoy your plastic glasses just as much as wires.

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3 Tips to Maintain Your New Eyeglasses

Congratulations on your new eyeglasses! Your eyeglasses make an excellent addition to your personal appearance while also helping you see better. To ensure that your glasses continue to function, it’s important to take good care of them. If you’ve recently purchased new eyeglasses in Brookhaven, GA, these tips can help you take care of your glasses.

1. Keep Glasses In a Case

Glasses can get easily damaged when they’re not on your face. They can also get lost when they’re left folded on a table or in your purse. Keeping your glasses in a case can protect your glasses from scratches while also preventing them from becoming lost.

Hard cases offer more protection, while brightly colored cases are easier to find. Your eye doctor in Brookhaven, GA will likely offer a variety of cases for eyeglasses. Choose the right case for your needs.

2. Wash Glasses Daily

Wash your glasses daily to prevent pieces of debris and dust from reducing your glass’s effectiveness. A microfiber cloth is the best tool to use to wash your glasses.

It’s better to use glasses cleaner than it is to use plain water – glasses cleaner is gentler on your glasses and also more effective at removing grime. Your eye doctor will probably sell microfiber cloths and glasses cleaner; ask them about these products when you pick up your glasses.

3. Don’t Try to Adjust Glasses On Your Own

If your glasses should become bent for some reason, you might be tempted to bend your glasses back on your own. It’s better to bring your glasses in to the eye doctor for an adjustment if an adjustment is needed. If you bend your glasses on your own, you might apply too much pressure, which could lead them to become broken.

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Plastic Glasses Versus Wire Frames: What to Consider

So, you’re thinking about getting glasses and can’t decide which ones are best for you. Today’s glasses are made from different materials, with some frames being plastic and others being metal. Each frame type looks and performs differently. When shopping for eyeglasses in Brookhaven, GA, knowing those differences can help you choose the right type of frames for you.


Wireframes tend to be lighter weight, so if you’re used to wearing wireframes, the switch to plastic can be challenging. You may find yourself removing your glasses throughout the day until the weight of them on your nose and behind your ears becomes less bothersome. Adjustment to the additional weight can take a few days.

Nose Pieces

Wireframes have adjustable nose pieces, which makes these frames easy to customize for your face. Because they’re adjustable, they can also bend if they’re crushed or handled roughly. They may need to be re-adjusted from time to time.

Plastic frame nosepieces are not adjustable, so it’s very important to choose the frames that properly fit your face. Talk to someone at the glasses center where you’re getting your glasses to choose frames that will fit.


Wireframes are easily adjustable, while plastic frames tend to be more rigid and harder to bend to fit your face. If you have trouble with glasses fitting you properly, speak with your eyeglasses provider to find out whether plastic or metal frames (or both) are better for you.


Perhaps the biggest difference between metal and plastic frames are their appearance. Metal frames tend to be understated, while plastic frames tend to be bold and vibrant. Which type matches your personality?

To find out more about getting new glasses, talk to your eye care provider in Brookhaven, GA. Call Brookleigh Family Eye Care today to make an appointment.