Plastic Glasses Versus Wire Frames: What to Consider

So, you’re thinking about getting glasses and can’t decide which ones are best for you. Today’s glasses are made from different materials, with some frames being plastic and others being metal. Each frame type looks and performs differently. When shopping for eyeglasses in Brookhaven, GA, knowing those differences can help you choose the right type of frames for you.


Wireframes tend to be lighter weight, so if you’re used to wearing wireframes, the switch to plastic can be challenging. You may find yourself removing your glasses throughout the day until the weight of them on your nose and behind your ears becomes less bothersome. Adjustment to the additional weight can take a few days.

Nose Pieces

Wireframes have adjustable nose pieces, which makes these frames easy to customize for your face. Because they’re adjustable, they can also bend if they’re crushed or handled roughly. They may need to be re-adjusted from time to time.

Plastic frame nosepieces are not adjustable, so it’s very important to choose the frames that properly fit your face. Talk to someone at the glasses center where you’re getting your glasses to choose frames that will fit.


Wireframes are easily adjustable, while plastic frames tend to be more rigid and harder to bend to fit your face. If you have trouble with glasses fitting you properly, speak with your eyeglasses provider to find out whether plastic or metal frames (or both) are better for you.


Perhaps the biggest difference between metal and plastic frames are their appearance. Metal frames tend to be understated, while plastic frames tend to be bold and vibrant. Which type matches your personality?

To find out more about getting new glasses, talk to your eye care provider in Brookhaven, GA. Call Brookleigh Family Eye Care today to make an appointment.


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