Are Cheap Reading Glasses Bad For My Eyes?

Many people find it difficult to see things very close up the older they get. Things like food labels, clothing tags can be impossible to read, and engaging in hobbies like sewing or reading becomes unmanageable without help. This often makes reading glasses necessary. In recent years, cheap reading glasses have become available without a prescription in discount stores. You may even be able to find a pair for just one dollar. But are cheap reading glasses safe to use?

Your Brain and Your Eyes Work Together

If you’ve ever needed to get prescription eyeglasses, you know that there’s a period of adjustment. That’s because your brain and eyes work in tandem to learn how to correctly see out of your eyeglasses. When you introduce cheap reading glasses to the , you may inadvertently confuse your brain and eyes to the point where your regular prescription eyeglasses don’t work as intended. A better option is to ask your eye doctor to prescribe bifocals or progressive lenses, both of which will eliminate any need for cheap reading glasses.

Cheap Reading Glasses Have Only One Magnification

The majority of people have different prescriptions in each eye. Cheap reading glasses that you buy off the shelf in discount stores have only one magnification in both eyes. While it may seem like you’re able to read better wearing cheap reading glasses, in reality, one eye is probably doing most of the work. Over time, this will result in an imbalance in the eyes, which could affect your vision permanently. For this reason, only use prescription reading glasses that have the correct prescription in each lens.

It’s not worth it to risk permanent vision problems just to save a few dollars. Talk to your eye doctor about your near vision needs and get the quality prescription eyewear that you—and your eye—deserve.

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