4 Kinds of Prescription Eyeglasses You Didn’t Know You Could Get

When you think of prescription eyewear, it’s likely you are only thinking of traditional glasses. However, as technology has made its way into the optical world, prescription eyewear goes far beyond what was available only a few years ago. If you’re ready to find out about the types of prescription eyewear you didn’t know you could get, here are four that are sure to surprise you.

1. Blue Light Glasses

Also known as computer glasses, blue light glasses are very popular with millennials who spend much of their time staring at computers and smartphones. Effective at preventing eye strain, they also help regulate your sleep schedule.

2. Sunglasses

While in years past most people just grabbed a pair of sunglasses off a rack in a drugstore, times have certainly changed. In today’s eyewear world, prescription sunglasses are all the rage. Available with UV protection treatment or polarized lenses, prescription sunglasses are great if you spend lots of time outdoors.

3. Safety Glasses

If you work in a job that requires eye protection, you don’t need to worry about trying to fit some cheap pair of plastic goggles over your existing glasses. Instead, you can opt for safety glasses with prescription lenses. Now able to be placed into frames that more closely resemble traditional glasses, these are ideal if you work in a lab setting, manufacturing environment, or other jobs where eye protection is required.

4. Snorkeling Goggles

Finally, if you love to scuba dive, you can even get your snorkeling goggles outfitted with prescription lenses. By doing so, you’ll be much safer during your underwater excursion, and will also be able to better appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

If you are in need of these or other types of specialty glasses, schedule an appointment today with us to find out more.


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