3 BIG Mistakes to Avoid with Contact Lenses  

For the right patient, contact lenses in Brookleigh, GA can be a life-changing thing. However, once you do become a contact lens wearer, you do have to take a few extra steps that wouldn’t be necessary with eyeglasses. Check out a few big mistakes to avoid when you wear contact lenses to help you see clearly.

Not washing your hands when handling your lenses

Handwashing is critical when you are handling your lenses. Any germs or bacteria that are hanging out on your fingers can transfer to the lens while installing or taking out your lenses. This can put you at risk of getting an infection or even just causing undue irritation to your eyes.

Not using the right kind of contact lens solution

Contact lens solution is used for cleaning lenses and keeping them moist when you are not wearing them, which is important when you are putting the lenses in your eyes. The solution is disinfectant but also moisturizes the contacts so they don’t irritate your eyes. Many people assume that water is just as good, but contact lens solution is a must.

Leaving your lenses on when you shower or bathe

Be sure to take out your contacts before you shower, bathe, or even get in a swimming pool or hot tub. If you forget, take the lenses out soon after, clean them, and give your eyes a break. Small, bacteria-ridden water particles or pool chemical particles can get trapped behind the lens and cause eye irritation or infection.

Talk to a Brookleigh Optometrist About Your Contact Lenses

When you initially get contact lenses, the Brookleigh eye doctor should give you a lot of good advice about best practices to keep your eyes safe. If you need a little help or would like to know more about contacts, reach out to us at Brookleigh Family Eyecare.



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