Afraid of Losing Your New Glasses? Tips to Help

Did you just get new glasses from the eye doctor in Brookleigh, GA? If so, then you should have a plan to avoid losing them. Lost glasses can be an expensive and frustrating problem! Knowing what you can do to avoid losing your glasses can help you keep your glasses in your possession and on your face, where they belong.

Use a Case

Make it your habit to never put your glasses down on any surface without first putting them in a case. Glasses are harder to find when they’re not in a case, especially wire rim glasses, which tend to be very subtle and hard to spot. Buy a case that’s a bright, easy to see color.

Choose a Place Where Your Glasses “Live”

Make it a rule to only set down your glasses in a location where they “live.” This spot might be on your nightstand or on your dresser. Knowing that you only ever put down your glasses in one or two locations in your house will make them easy to find when you take them off your face. If you’re not at home and want to take your glasses off, make a rule that you can only set down your glasses in your purse, suitcase, backpack or similar location.

Don’t Take Your Glasses Off

The best way to avoid losing your glasses is to avoid taking them off. Make a habit of leaving your glasses on your face all the time.

Need New Glasses? Get An Eye Exam

Get an eye exam in Brookleigh, GA! Stop at Brookleigh Family Eyecare to get your next eye exam for an updated glasses prescription.

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