Why You Need Contact Lenses if You Wear Glasses

Many people who wear glasses often wonder what life would be like if they had contact lenses with their prescription. There are many benefits that contact lenses can offer, as glasses are extremely situational for things such as work and watching TV. Brookleigh Family Eyecare of Brookhaven, GA, can help you renew, review and replace your current prescription and eye care needs.

What are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are both standardized and customizable solutions that serve the same purpose as your glasses, but are much more flexible in many circumstances. Before choosing a contact lens, an eye care professional must perform a regular and special check-in with your eyes to see if they are compatible with contact lenses. This includes eye shape, curvature, and the regular moisture of your eyes.

Why Do I Need Contact Lenses if I Have Glasses?

Of course, your lenses are one of the most beneficial tools to correct eyesight and mitigate normal degeneration. Contact lenses are extremely important for the following reasons:


Contact lenses are much more portable, and do not get in the way. Glasses may be a great idea if you are sitting and working at a desk, but may affect your peripheral vision while operating heavy machinery or driving. In this case, it would be dangerous to not have contact lenses.


Some wear eyeglasses for aesthetics, but others wear them simply for their function. Contact lenses give you the flexibility in your confidence to live your life the way you see fit.

Less Restrictive

Activities such as physiotherapy, sports, and more physical adventures are dangerous while wearing glasses. Contact lenses can give you more freedom to explore your hobbies.

Your Local Eye Care Professionals in Brookhaven, GA

If you cannot remember the last time you reviewed your prescription, or want to explore your options, it may be time to visit your local Brookleigh Family Eye Care experts in Brookhaven, GA. During your professional consultation, you will receive curated solutions that make sense for your unique situation and needs.


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