Pre-Op Steps You’ll Likely Take Before Cataract Surgery

Cataracts could be deemed as one of the most common eye health conditions. Cataract surgery in Brookhaven is one of the most common procedures performed when it comes to optometric care. While the procedure is simple and consists of a brief recovery period, there may be a few steps that you need to take prior to the surgery. Here is a closer look at how you may need to get prepared for your upcoming cataract surgery.

Cataract Assessment Appointment

Before you are actually scheduled to get your cataract surgery, the eye doctor will want to do a thorough assessment of your condition. During the appointment, the doctor will:

  • Dilate your eyes to do a thorough exam of the eye’s structures and health
  • Measuring and calculating to find the precise location of the affected lens and note it in your charts
  • Performing an ocular health assessment

Medicated Eye Drop Regimen

Medicated eye drops are usually prescribed to you at your initial assessment with directions for starting the eye drop regimen by a certain date. These drops are important to help keep infections at bay as they are antibiotic drops specifically formulated to be used in the eyes.

Day-of Cataract Surgery

On the day of your cataract surgery, you may be told to avoid food or water and limit your intake of certain medications. Some medications can interfere with things like moisture levels in your eyes or even pupil dilation, both of which are important for a successful procedure.

Work with a Brookhaven Eye Doctor for Your Cataracts

Cataracts can get in the way of you seeing the world around you, but the surgery is straightforward and highly successful for most patients. If you have cataracts and need a Brookhaven eye doctor for help, reach out to us at Brookleigh Family Eyecare to schedule an appointment.

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