How to Teach Kids to Take Care of Eyeglasses

When you buy eyeglasses for kids in Brookhaven, GA, the next step is teaching kids how to take care of them. Since kids can be tough on their things, it’s important to be proactive from day one. Here are some tips for parents.

Choose the Right Material

For kids, plastic frames are a better choice than metal frames. Plastic frames tend to be sturdier, and a few scratches on the frames won’t make much difference.

For lenses, parents should consider options such as scratch-resistant coatings. If the child plays sports, be sure to mention this to your Brookhaven, GA eye doctor, since special sports eyeglasses might be something to consider.

Look For Accessories

Consider purchasing some accessories such as straps that can help the child keep the eyeglasses secure if they need to rub their eyes or take off the glasses for a few minutes.

Purchase several eyeglass cases so there’s one everyplace the child frequents, such as the classroom, locker room, bedroom, living room, etc. It’s unlikely that a child will go looking for their eyeglasses case in a separate room just to make sure they go back in the case.

Let the Child Make Choices

As much as possible, let your child have a say in which pair of eyeglasses you buy for them. You could say that “anything on this wall” is available to them. Let them choose their own eyeglass case. Consider buying stickers they can decorate their eyeglass cases with.

Talk About Care Instructions

Sit down with your child and teach them how to clean their eyeglasses with micro-fiber cloth. You may have to demonstrate the technique several times.

Over time, your kids will learn to care for their eyeglasses just as they care for their toys. To browse available eyeglasses, please visit our office.

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