Contact Lenses vs. Eyeglasses: Which Option is Best?  

Finding visual clarity in your everyday life is highly important. Not only does this help when driving, shopping, and doing chores, but seeing clearly also allows you to stay focused and be more productive.

If your vision isn’t clear, contact lenses or eyeglasses could be right for you. However, choosing one option over the other isn’t easy. In this post, we’ll discuss some pros and cons of both contact lenses and eyeglasses. Additionally, we’ll also talk about who to call for dependable contact lenses and eyeglasses in Brookhaven. GA.

Contact Lenses — Pros and Cons

Contact lenses are loved by millions. One of the obvious benefits of contacts is that they’re essentially invisible. No one can ever tell you’re wearing them. This is beneficial if you don’t like the appearance of eyeglasses. Another perk is that contact lenses offer more natural vision. Nothing blocks your view, and the contacts move with your eye.

One downside of contact lenses is that they require much more care and maintenance compared to glasses. It’s essential to clean and store them properly.

Eyeglasses — Pros and Cons

Simplicity is arguably the leading advantage of eyeglasses. You put them on when you need them and take them off when you don’t. Furthermore, the care and maintenance process is also a breeze. Eyeglasses also come in various styles, so it’s easy to find options to suit your needs.

One disadvantage of eyeglasses is that they can distort your vision. They don’t move with your eye, so it’s a lot less natural. Additionally, eyeglasses can cause pressure and weight on your nose and ears, which may be uncomfortable.

If you’re interested in either contact lenses or eyeglasses, Brookleigh Family Eyecare is the name you can trust. Contact us today to work with the leading eye doctor in Brookhaven, GA!


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