Are False Eyelashes Bad For the Eyes?

Your eye doctor in Brookhaven, GA wants you to have the healthiest eyes possible. When you wear false eyelashes, you may be inadvertently inflicting damage on the delicate tissue around your eyes. Here’s what you need to know about wearing false eyelashes and caring for your eyes.

What Are False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are any kind of lashes that are not natural to your eyes. This includes single lashes, clumps of single lashes, and bands of eyelashes. In some cases, false eyelashes are adhered to using a magnetic strip. But the most common kind of false eyelashes is adhered to the eyes using a certain type of adhesive. False eyelashes also vary by the type of material used for the lashes themselves. Some false eyelashes are made with inexpensive materials such as nylon fibers. Other, more expensive eyelashes, are made using the actual fur strands from animals such as sable and mink.

The Dangers of False Eyelash Materials

You should be careful about what kind of false eyelashes you purchase. If you must wear false eyelashes, then strive to purchase only quality lashes from a reputable company. While there are many cheap alternatives available online, in general, you will be better off with higher-quality lashes from a brand you trust. The dangers lie in the materials used. Cheap lashes may be made of materials that make the false lash fall easily off of the little strip holding it in place. That poses a danger of getting a synthetic material–the false lash–in your eye. If this happens, get help through your eye doctor in Brookhaven. Another danger is using cheap adhesive. The chemical nature of the adhesive could threaten the health of your eye if it melts easily and drips, or gets into your eye another way.

If you have any problem with your false eyelashes, please contact your eye doctor in Brookhaven, GA. We’re here to help!

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